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Petriva have several active research collaborations across Academia and Industry:


As a spin-out from the University of Leeds, Petriva has strong ties with the School of Earth & Environment. Click below to find out more about active Joint Industry Projects and ongoing research:


This joint industry project is a collaboration between Petriva, The University of Leeds, The University of Oxford, and ParaGeo. It is focused on using state-of-the-art integrated geomechanical-geophysical-fluid flow modelling to address key knowledge gaps required to de-risk CO2 storage in disused oil and gas reservoirs and saline aquifers. Key objectives include:

  • Improve knowledge of, and ability to predict, stress path evolution.
  • Better preduct and mitigate against induced seismicity.
  • Improve methods to the reactivation of faults.
  • Assess impact of temperature changes on subsurface deformation, injectivity and seismic properties.
  • Assess optimal ways to monitor CO2 injection and leakage using geophysical techniques.
  • Predict risks of leakage via faults and fractures formed in the caprock (i.e. predict self-sealing).
  • Establish degree of complexity that needs to be incorporated into models to reduce risk.

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This joint industry project in collaboration with Petriva and the University of Leeds is focused on building a large relational database for the characterization of reservoir quality and top seal capacity of Triassic saline aquifers for CO2 storage in the UK continental shelf and North Sea region. The database serves as a tool to deliver the following:

  • Determine key factors that control injection and storage and map these properties across the aquifer.
  • Mapping of the aquifer and top seal based on an integration of wire-line logs, cuttings and core to enable high-grading of specific areas which present a lower risk for CO2 storage targets.
  • Develop an adapted play fairway analysis used in traditional oil and gas industry, reworked for CCS storage.

Download the flier here:  TriStore_Flier.pdf

Fault rock property database: an update for the energy transition

This is a n active project that  up-grades existing fault rock property databases owned by sponsors; and (ii) collects new fault rock property data that is relevant to the energy transition. The new fault rock measurements will help assess the quality of existing fault rock property data. Companies will be able to join one of both sub-projects.

The upgrading of sponsors existing fault rock databases will take advantage of PETMiner, our bespoke data visualization and data-mining software package, which has been developed over the last eight years by Petriva Ltd.

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CARBFAULT Joint Industry Project (details)

PETGAS Joint Industry Project (details)

Wolfson Multiphase Flow Laboratory (details)




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