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Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS)

Expertise in the subsurface analysis of candidate CCS targets

Petriva has extensive experience in the evaluation of reservoirs, top seal and fault seal, particularly within the Southern North Sea. We are well placed to assess sites earmarked for CCS.


Specific capabilities include:

  • Microstructural interpretation of the reservoir and caprocks using Backscattered Electron Microscopy (BSEM), including lithology, mineralogy, and diagenetic history
  • Petrophysical characterisation of the reservoir and caprocks
  • Core analysis
    • Including :Permeability measured ant subsurface stress conditions, mercury injection threshold pressures and their relative permeability to dense phase CO2.
  • Cuttings analysis including QXRD, BSEM, and grain size analysis.
  • Fault seal analysis and evaluation of the extent of reservoir compartmentalisation
    • Unconfined and stressed MICP analysis to determine the range of column heights that the caprocks and fault rocks can seal.
    •     Determination of key index properties to determine self-sealing potential.
  • Data integration and  visualisation using our bespoke PETMiner software.

A number of Joint Industry Project (JIP) proposals are also live or awaiting sponsors. All of these have relevance to Geological Disposal both for nuclear waste as well as CCS, gas and hydrogen storage. Follow the links for more information.

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