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Extract more from your data with PETMiner – a sophisticated visual data analysis and mining tool

PETMiner is a sophisticated data visualization and data mining tool for the integration and analysis of microstructural and petrophysical data.





View Your Data

An easy to use interface allows for multiple plots, filtering and breaking out by attributes all on one screen.

Integrate Data

In addition to standard Petrophysical data collected through RCA and SCAL, microstructural images of core and cuttings samples can be integrated in order to observe, for example, the heterogeneity within a given sample.

Get more from your images

The Image Analysis Tool allows statistics to be automatically gathered from specific grey scales of SEM images. New properties are generated and automatically incorporated into a database. This data is most commonly used to assess the porosity and pore size distribution of samples in areas where petrophysical data may not have been obtained or may not yet be available.



Data Mining: Identify key controls on properties

PETRIVA have created a plugin for PETMiner containing data mining capabilities (e.g. multiple regression analysis, ZeroR, OneR, decision trees, logistical regression, support vector machines, unsupervised clustering etc.).

The data mining functionality will allow the user to identify key relationships within databases,predicting values for a selected attributes using the data available. Predictions can be carried out on discrete (nominal) or continuous (numerical) data. PETMiner has several different machine learning algorithms available for data mining tasks with a simple and easy to use interface.  

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