Software and consultancy services for the petroleum industry.

Training facilities at the University of Leeds

Measuring the properties of core samples produces a wealth of information, however, the interpretation of specific studies and results could be enhanced with targeted training to maximise the value of the data. Petriva offer a range of training courses for the petroleum industry including:-


  • Fault seal analysis: an evidence-based approach
  • Unconventional core analysis and petrophysics
  • Data visualization using PETMiner


Bespoke courses can be provided to include the analysis of clients data and/or linked to field trips or visits to the core store.


Linking training courses to visits to the core store provides a valuable way to demonstrate the type and structure of fault rocks present in a particular field/area

Cataclastic faults in fractured dolomite, Austria

Fault seal training can be tailored to include trips to either siliciclastic or carbonate outcrops with objectives including:

  • Fault geometries, fault segmentations and fault damage zones
  • Fault rock properties, fault fluid-flow barriers and permeability enhancements
  • Static and dynamic fault seal analysis in prospect evaluation and static/dynamic models
  • A range of locations are offered (e.g. siliciclastics in the UK, carbonates in Austria, Malta, Italy, UK etc.)

Contact us for more information on how we can help you deliver training for your staff.

Deformation bands in high porosity carbonates, Sicily



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