Software and consultancy services for the petroleum industry.

Petriva is a spin-out company from the University of Leeds that provides visual data analysis and data mining software, consultancy services and training for the petroleum industry.


Visual data analysis and data mining software aimed at integrating petrophysical property and image data from core and cuttings.

Laboratory Services

PETRIVA offers a range of services for analysis of core and cuttings in both conventional and unconventional exploration and development settings.


Expertise includes fault and top seal analysis, reservoir quality assessment, microstructural analysis, routine and special core analysis of conventional and unconventional reservoirs. We also specialise in Data QC, database building, and visualization.


Specialist training offered in Fault and Top Seal analysis, Unconventional petrophysics and use of the PETMiner software.


20th January 2020

Fault Seal Plugin development continues with release due Q2 2020

1st December 2019

Version 3.0 of PETMiner Software released

12 September 2019

EAGE Fifth International Conference on Fault and Top Seals 2019 Palermo, 8-12th September. The event was sponsored by PETRIVA with our staff on the technical committee.
Link to technical presentations by PETRIVA staff by clicking below:

CARBFAULT:  Phase II Joint Industry Project launched. Proposal flyer can be found here.
PETGAS:  Phase IV launching in 2020. More information here.