Software and consultancy services for the petroleum industry.

Consultancy Services

Gain insights into your data with consultancy.

The consultancy services division is managed by Prof. Quentin Fisher who has over 25 years experience working for the petroleum industry.

Fault and top seal analysis

Our staff are amongst the most experienced in the world in conducting fault seal and top seal analysis. For example, Prof. Fisher has conducted fault seal analysis on over 500 petroleum reservoirs around the world. We have access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that were specifically designed to analyse the single and multiphase flow properties of fault seals and top seals. Key services offered include:-

  • Review of seal capacity based on the critical appraisal of static and dynamic data
  • Structural logging of core material
  • Microstructural and petrophysical property of fault rocks
  • Recommendations for production simulation modelling of faulted reservoirs

Core analysis

Petriva and its associated staff have over 100 years experience in routine and special core analysis. We also have access to state-of-the-art laboratory facilities that were specifically designed for measuring the flow properties of low permeability rocks but are equally useful for analysing core from conventional reservoirs. Key capabilities include:-

  • Porosity and permeability at in situ conditions
  • Standard and stressed mercury injection analysis
  • Relative permeability and capillary pressures
  • Electrical properties
  • NMR
  • Ultrasonic velocities
  • Mechanical properties

Bespoke core analysis studies

Petriva staff have considerable experience conducting be-spoke core analysis programs such as: polymer flooding, fracture closure, formation damage etc. Our close relationships with engineering companies and designers of instrument control systems mean that we are in a strong position to build new experimental apparatus when required.

Reservoir quality analysis

Petriva has access to a wide range of state-of-the-art imaging facilities (e.g. optical, SEM, TEM, CT, FIB-SEM etc.) that we routinely use for the microstructural analysis of core and cuttings. The results can be integrated with core analysis data via the PETMiner software to provide high quality data interpretations.

Petriva has recently had a great deal of success at rapidly predicting the flow properties of tight gas sandstones based on the microstructural analysis of cuttings and core material. We can provide an extremely rapid service in which results are provided to clients within 24 hours of receiving the samples.